Blog design!

I've been working with a wonderful woman, Serena, who has been designing a professional layout for this site ^^

I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak of concept work, layout design and even one finished piece that will be featured! :D 

Head on over to to check out her work :)

This is my business card, it is being used as an example for the colour palette of the site. Floral with black, teal, white and pink accents <3
Next came the layout sketch, I find it much easier for myself and the designer to simply draw what's in my head than try to explain it ^^  (such a rough sketch)
Finally, the finished piece for the front page of the site! Eglantine, my Bilby character <3 it was a very new and unique style I had never really tried before, I hope I can continue to use it in animations for a simple and effective change from inking. I hate inking so much haha!