University Blog: Creative Technologies (Week Two)

Professionalism in The Creative Industries

By Emma Grey

Anyone studying or preparing to work in the Creative Industries knows all too well how most think of the sector. We sit around all day, having fun and drawing pretty pictures, or making music, or whatever it is you enjoy doing. Professionalism isn’t exactly a word associated with The Creative Industries, but it is a very important part of it.

The best example would be artists who work freelance, there is a lot of work to do as a freelancer including doing your own taxes, earning all your own money and making sure clients have a good experience and will come back. Staying professional to handle your own business can be a lot of work, work most people don’t think about when wanting to work in the Creative Industries.

 Although the Creative Industries is much more creative and laid back than perhaps a boring office job, its sill certainly a professional sector, more and more each day as video games and CG become public interest. In my specific area, Animation, professionalism is something that is very important. Without it anyone would struggle to find voice actors or composers to act in their animations.

For any freelance artist or small studio, funding can be a huge issue for animation. In order to obtain funding, or an organisation to support you, professionalism is a priority. You must be able to confidently pitch your ideas, and explain your process and take criticism from anyone and everyone. If you want to work in a team you must act professionally, although the job is something people love it also means people will take their work very seriously, so someone who wastes time playing around will not be treated as a valued worker.

In conclusion, Professionalism is something required to work in the Creative Industries. Although something that doesn’t seem very creative or fun, it is very important to remember when to be Professional and when to be Creative.