University Blog: Creative Technologies (Week Three)

Is Freelancing the Road to Success?
By Emma Grey

When considering freelancing as a possible career path, it is important to take into account the many Pros and Cons involved. Running your own business can be a huge undertaking and is a lot more difficult than simply working from home and being your own boss. Below I have listed a few reasons for and against becoming a Freelance Artist:

·       You can schedule your workflow to fit around your life.
·       There is a more personal connection between you and your clients.
·       Independence can be rewarding
·       Wider variety of work available
·       Usually you earn more money and can set your own prices.
·       You can travel around the world looking for work

·       Doing all your own Taxes
·       No work benefits such as holiday pay or retirement schemes.
·       No stability, some weeks you will have no income.
·       Some clients can be hard to work with
·       You need to keep a good reputation

Depending on your personality and the type of work you are looking for, Freelancing isn’t for everyone and that’s including myself. I enjoy doing some commissions every now and then when I have spare time, but I could never fully rely on it and not also have a stable job. Some people are the opposite, they would hate to work for a company and want to be their own boss, have no limitations- it’s all just depending on the type of person you are.


It is important to set up a Network of colleagues and even old friends from college or University, you never know when a job might come up. Maybe one of your classmates has started their own studio and they need workers, Networking and connecting with everyone is the best way to guarantee you will eventually find work. Connect with lecturers, workers in other studios, even close friends or people you have previously done work for so they could give you a good reference if you ever needed it. Networking is the most important part of freelancing and without it the chances of finding work are pretty slim, so get out there and connect with Everyone!