Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where do you Ship & How Often do you pack Orders?
I ship Worldwide from the UK! Orders are generally packed up every Weekend and are dispatched on Monday, If it is a particularly busy week I will also pack orders throughout the week as the Order list grows. 
Can I order on your Etsy Instead ?

Of course! Etsy is still a huge part of my monthly wage and I rely on it a lot to help pay the bills. This website was created as a way to have more Creative Freedom over the design, and as a way to cut the additional Fees from Etsy, who take a chunk of what I earn from every sale.  Having my own website means I can offer rewards, set up more detailed Shipping options and Offer FREE shipping!

I want to order an item thats Out of Stock
If an item is currently Out of Stock there is no way to Preorder it again for when it comes in, but I do try and keep on top of all of my Stock so things don't run out. If you would like to know if something will be restocked please send me a message using the contact form here, or follow my Instagram for Updates. 
Some items will be reordered just before they sell out and what you are waiting for might already be on its way, but some items that don't sell as well may not be reordered so please just ask! 
How do the Seed Rewards Work?

Seeds are an awesome way to collect Rewards here on my Website! They can only be redeemed here so any purchases made through Etsy or Kickstarter will sadly not count. All you have to do is Sign Up using the little Icon in the right hand corner, and you can start collecting points to trade for Coupons and even Free Shipping on your Orders! 

How long will my Order take to Arrive?
UK Orders can take anywhere from 3 Days to 2 Weeks to Arrive. 
International Orders can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to Arrive.

Please Note these Estimates are taking into account Delays caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. I hope things will return to normal soon, but for now the Estimates for Shipping are very very loose. 

Shipping Information

Do you provide Tracking ?
Yes, I do! But it costs extra and you will have to pay at checkout if you want your order to be Tracked. UK Tracked is £1.50 Extra and International is £5 on top of the usual shipping fee. 
Where is my Order ?
I can do my best to help you with your order if you use the Contact form here on the website or Message me on Instagram! Please note, If you do not upgrade to Tracked Shpping it will be sent 2nd Class/Internatonal standard and I will have no way of knowing where your order is after it leaves my Office.
Due to Corona virus the Postal Service has been hit tremendously hard, but sadly this is out of my control and I can only give you the date when I dispatched your Order.
My Items were Damaged
I'm so sorry to hear this! I try my best to protect your orders as best I can while packing, but sometimes the Mail man can be very rough, and if the envelope ends up at the very bottom of a huge pile, sometimes things may Break. 
Please let me know as soon as possible if you have received a damaged item, such as a snapped Acrylic Charm or stickers with Water damage. I will send out a replacement FREE of charge!! (Please provide photos of the damage)
Will multiple Products be shipped together?

Yes, as long as you place everything in your basket and go through Checkout with all the items they will all ship in the same box!  Some items like Mouse mats may be delivered separately due to their size, but almost everything in my store can be easily packaged together.

I Purchased a Pre-Order item, When will it Ship ?

If you have Purchased a Pre Order item please consider following my Instagram to keep up to date on new products that arrive. I generally do not hear much from my factory in between when I place the Order, and when the pins are complete, but I will post any Updates I get on Instagram! 

Generally Pre-Order items can take up to 2 Months to Arrive, by the time the Pin is funded, I get the Quote, pay it and wait for Artwork Approval. When your order is shipped you will receive a notifcation email to let you know that it's on its way!

How is Shipping fee Calculated?

I charge the basic price determined by UK Royal Mail. Any small difference in price goes toward Packaging supplies.