Standard Grade Pins

Standard Grade pins are the default Grade pins I sell on my store. They have very few minor imperfections and are in what I would consider 'Great Condition'

Some Small Imperfections May Include: 
● Slight underfill in Enamel Colours
● Small Imperfections on the back
● Bent Backing Pins
● Tiny specks of Dirt or Dust

Seconds Grade Pins

Second Grade Pins have been removed from the Standard pile for any Noticeable Flaws. Any pins with glaring issues will be binned and not sold at any point. Second Grade Pins will go on Sale thoroughout the year for Discounted Prices.

Seconds Imperfections May include: 
● Multiple specks of Dirt in the Enamel
● Underfilled or Overfilled areas
● Scratches or Dents
● Slight Damage to the Enamel
● Incorrect Colour Filling
● Rubs on the Coating
● Glitter with Incorrect Glitter Specks