Bilby's Sticker Collection 001 "Bilby Emoji's" Planner Sticker Sheet

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Decorate your Planners with these adorable Bilby Emoji's! perfect for expressing yourself on good or bad days. The stickers include various faces and emotes to decorate with for any occassion! Happy, Sad, Surprised, Angry, Confused and even a cute big eyed 'Ooo~' expression <3 This is the first sticker sheet in my new line of stickers for 2020 called Bilby's Sticker Collection!! I cant wait to design a load more stickers and I'm so excited for what the new year may hold for the future of the store ^^ This is just the first stickers of many! ^^

ā— Paper Sticker Sheet

ā— 10 different emotes

ā— 30 stickers included!

ā— Drawn, Printed and Cut in my own Studio <3

ā— Printed on High quality Matte Paper