Bilby's Sticker Collection 002 "Canine Crunchies" Dog Feeding Reminders Food Tracker for Puppy Owners including Treats Stickers

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We all love our dogs, so never run out of food or forget to feed ever again with these handy reminder stickers! <3 I designed 2 different dog Kibble stickers which can be used for Feeding or reminding you when to buy more food, or when food is getting delivered (I know more and more people use delivered dog foods now) you could use these two kibble stickers for this or just use them for Feeding reminders and switch between them for a bit of variety <3 I also included 4 Treat stickers for that day of the week your dog might get a special treat or a bit of meat for dinner <3 ^^ Because we all love spoiling our puppies, right?

ā— Paper Sticker Sheet

ā— 3 different Sticker Designs

ā— 22 stickers included!

ā— 10 Pouring Kibble Stickers

ā— 8 Dog Food Box Stickers

ā— 4 Steak Treat! stickers

ā— Drawn, Printed and Cut in my own Studio <3

ā— Printed on High quality Matte Paper