Eagle Wooden Tribal Charm

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These tribal inspired charms are printed on 3mm Walnut veneered MDF Wood. They will come with a suede leather loop to attach to keyrings, keys or a backpack. A natural decorative feather will also be attached, completing the Native American vibe. These charms we're designed over weeks of trial and error, taking inspiration from The Shelter series, Brother Bear and Balto. Let your Spirit guide you with these unique Totems featuring five Animals well known for their North American heritage. GUIDANCE Souring high above the clouds, The Eagle is gifted with Perception. A Leader, A Teacher, The Eagle is one of the most valuable of all the totems. Throughout your life it will always be there to guide you, with a keen eye and wisdom beyond its years. Those who keep this charm close can relax in knowing the spirit of the eagle is always watching over them, and guiding them to success and happiness.