Nightfury & Lightfury Double Sided Holographic Necklace

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A new updated design featuring Toothless with his red tail, and on the opposite side the light Fury is included! Wear either one by simply switching the necklace around. 2 designs in one! These necklaces should be ready to ship out within 2 months, and will only be ordered once the production cost is met <3 Thank you so much for your support in creating these charms and helping me to sell all of the previous designed ones! My first Etsy item to completely sell out. So I knew I had to make new ones with the light Fury included since a lot of people were asking for her <3 Who doesn't love Toothless? <3 I made these gorgeous acrylic charm necklaces with a Nightfury design, I always had the idea to have the necklace attach to the tip of the wings. This charm is made of clear acrylic and is 3 inches from tip to tip. The necklace chain is made of a strong metal alloy with a butterfly clasp. It is non adjustable.