The Wolf of Loyalty 'NEW!' Tribal Charm

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The Wolf of Loyalty It's no surprise that The Wolf is a symbol of Loyalty, being the closest relatives of our four legged companions. A Dog is mans best friend, and a Wolf is a Wolves best friend. Loyalty is what makes you a wonderful person, friends and family will always trust you and confide in you because they know you will always be there. Sometimes when it feels like your loyalties are questioned, and people take advantage of your trust.. Remember this totem, The Wolf. No matter how bad, how hopeless or how cruel... A Wolf will never turn its back on its pack, and it will stay loyal to the end. The strength of the pack is The wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. This is a Wooden Plywood charm printed on high quality recycled material. Each charm uses a different colour of lace and feather, making each one unique! These wooden charms measure 2.5inches in size.